General Guide

  • To be regular and punctual
  • Courteous and walk in a line in all areas of the school
  • Do not use inappropriate words
  • Do not cause damage to school properties.
  • Do not physically hurt another child
  • Should have good social behaviour, school trips, school events, etc.
  • Should not leave class without permission.
  • Hair should be cut properly and combed.
  • Nails should be cut regularly.
  • Shirts should be buttoned and tucked.
  • Should not talk during the assembly and prayer.
  • Talk softly while walking in the corridors.
  • Should not eat in the corridors unless told to do so.
  • Wishing teachers or guests or senior students courteously.
  • Should not fight or push in the corridors.

CLASS ROOM Etiquette

  • Students should maintain good class-room manners, when in class.
  • Should not talk or trouble when the class is in progress.
  • Should not physically or mentally hurt class-mates or teachers.
  • Try and complete the given work on time and submit when required.
  • Participate actively in the class events and any programs conducted by the class.
  • Be punctual and maintain good relation with the fellow class-mates.
  • Keep the teachers informed about the class happenings, should not conduct any activities without the knowledge of the class teacher.
  • Should follow all class-room rules applicable for the sessions.


  • Should maintain SILENCE when sitting in the library.
  • Should use the resources fairly and handle the books neatly.
  • Should not crowd while taking books.
  • Should produce the library card to access or take the books on rent.
  • hould return the book in the same condition as it was taken.
  • Should return the book borrowed on time (within 1 week) or fine will be applicable (will not be able to borrow any books for the next 15 days).
  • Should not cause damage to the library items or properties.
  • Should take care of the library properties and inform the librarian of any misuse of the property.


  • School transport is facilitated for the students’ benefit and safety.
  • This facility has to be used in a proper manner, so that it runs smoothly.
  • Students availing this facility should follow transport rules and regulations strictly.
  • Transport fees have to be paid in advance This payment is done half-yearly or yearly.
  • Transport facility can be obtained only if the school buses are plying in that route.
  • Buses cannot take improper deviations for the convenience of the parents, of the students travelling in the bus.
  • Students should be present on time at the pick points and not make the bus wait for them.
  • Students should maintain proper behaviour when seated in the bus, when travelling.
  • Students or parents having complaints regarding any issue with the buses or the drivers or the helpers should inform the transport head in the office to resolve the same and not take the issue in hand
  • School is providing this facility for the benefit of parents and students hence, please bear in mind that it is our responsibility to keep it running smoothly and safely.
  • Details regarding the pick and drop points should be obtained from the transport department well before availing this facility to ensure hassle free journey.
  • Any delay in buses plying on the daily routes will be informed by sms to the parents concerned on that day.
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