• The medium of instruction is English and the school caters to students of all communities, religions and linguistic backgrounds.

  • Students must report to school before the first bell at 8:15 am on working days and must attend the assembly without fail.

  • Consideration is given to only those who are ill or had an injury and thus cannot stand for the assembly.Students must follow proper uniform code and avoid wearing fancy items on working days.

  • Long leave or break from the school must be avoided thus keeping the attendance above 80% for the academic year. Attendance on the re-opening days after the vacation periods is compulsory. Leave can be availed by producing appropriate letter from the parent with valid reason or medical report in case of illness.

  • School fees and any other payment as prescribed by the school should be paid before the due date to avoid inconvenience later.

  • Students of Class PN-IV are allowed to wear colour dress on birthdays.

  • Fee payments are accepted in cheque,credit/debit card and through online means. Cash is not accepted.

  • School uniform is compulsory on all working days and at all school functions except Birthdays.

  • No mobile phones will be encouraged to be carried by the students. Higher class students can use it provided they hand it over to the class-teacher in the morning and take it back before going back home. (This is only for their safety outside the school and should not be misused. School will not take any responsibility for the inappropriate use of the phones outside the campus given to the students by their parents)

  • Parents should follow school timings to meet the teachers and should use the school diary generously to communicate.

  • Parents should adhere to the terms and conditions with respect to their wards’ assignments and completion of home-work.

  • Every student should take care of school property with utmost care. Any damage to the school property or buildings, breaking of class furniture or lab equipment or loss of library books, defacing of the school properties will be dealt seriously.

  • No personal items (play-items,books, magazines, gadgets etc.) should be brought to school without prior permission to do so

  • The school reserves the right to cancel or modify any of the standing rules and enforce new rules from time to time.

  • Ignorance of rules will not be considered as an excuse.

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