Annual Report


Academic Year 2021-22

The Academic Year 2021-22 was remarkable in its own ways. It nourished the thought that teamwork and clarity in leadership will always be successful in clearing pathways, however difficult the circumstances unfold. The Pandemic continued and so did our ways of finding and ushering into new territories of ensuring a smooth educational experience for our DMCS students. Here is a brief report of the activities undertaken by the school during the Academic year 2021-22.

  • Deva Matha Central School organised an intensive Teacher’s Orientation Programme for the faculty members of DMCS. Each teacher participated with great enthusiasm and assured to use the knowledge gained in the forthcoming academic year.

  • DMCS under the aegis of its dynamic leader- Dr. Joseph V.G. earnestly introduced the concept and support system named ‘Shiksha Aur Sambhagita’. Any student pursuing education at DMCS and who has lost his or her parent to Covid 19, with the deceased parent being the breadwinner of the family,Deva Matha Educational Society will take care of their education upto Grade XII, at DMCS.

  • An emphatic virtual celebration was organised at the DMCS Banaswadi Campus to celebrate- DMCS Founder’s Day (18th June 2021). DMCS Banaswadi organized a visit to Sneha Orphanage – Need Charitable Trust, Horamavu, Banaswadi and made generous donations of woollen clothing to the organisation.

  • DMCS celebrated Indian Independence Day 2021 (15th August 2021) with great passion and gusto. A highly acclaimed virtual programme was showcased for the parent and student community. The DMCS virtual Independence Day Celebrations was unique and tasteful in its approach, appreciated by one and all.

  • The newly elected members of the Student Council 2021-22 of DMCS Banaswadi , were inducted into office in an elegant virtual Investiture Ceremony ( 12th July 2021). The Chief Guests for the august occasion were Commander Prakash Rao, and Nutritionist - Mrs. Deepa Gandhi. The felicitation of Student Council Members by their parents was indeed heart-warming.

  • Deva Matha Central School, Banaswadi celebrated Teacher’s Day (5th September 2021) with great jubilance and jollity. The ongoing closure of schools due to the global pandemic couldn’t mitigate the spirit of the student community. They meticulously organised a very special, beautiful virtual programme to show their appreciation and love for their teachers.

  • Deva Matha Central School has included Skill Sessions (Grades V-XII) as part of its Curriculum and the response was phenomenal. The school organised virtual cookery sessions, basics of good etiquette, table etiquette, electronics and electrical circuitry, skill sessions on dance, communication& dress code, embroidery & stitching.

  • Musical Fest- CADENCE 2021 (16th August- 27th August 2021) was organised by St. Joseph's Boys High School, Museum Road,Bangalore. Diya Megan and Navami M of Grade 6 at Deva Matha Central School have brought in huge laurels to their Alma Mater. Diya has won the 1st place in English Solo Singing Competition and Diya, Navami have won the 2nd place in the Hindi Duet Singing Competition.

  • DMCS observed Gandhi Jayanthi on 2nd October 2021 at Banaswadi Campus. 2nd October is also the birth anniversary of the dynamic Indian Leader Shri Lal Bahadur Shashtri. A heartfelt remembrance was also observed for his impactful role in the Indian freedom struggle.

  • Deva Matha Central School relished the festive season and celebration in its true spirit by celebrating- Colour Week. The DMCS family adorned itself with vibrant colours dedicated to the festive atmosphere. Every single day was marked by great enthusiasm for wearing colour-coded attires. Hues of yellow, red, green and a myriad of colours made the environment bustling and lively.

  • DMCS Banaswadi organised a virtual Children’s Day Celebration programme (14th November 2021) which was well received and greatly applauded. A wonderful discourse was given on the significance of the day with a special emphasis on the life of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

  • DMCS Banaswadi celebrated Karnataka Rajyostsava (1st November 2021) with great jubilance and enthusiasm on a virtual platform. The history of the formation of the state of Karnataka was beautifully presented to the audience. Melodic rendition of songs in Kannada language added vibrancy to the show. Well written speeches on the famous personalities of Karnataka eg. Kuvempu, Akka Mahadevi, Sudha Murthy, D R Bendre, T R Subba Rao were presented.

  • The prestigious ‘Edu-Excellence Summit 2021’ – based on the theme- Managing Technology, Business and Innovation was held on 26th December, 2021. The Summit was attended by Educational Leaders, Influencers, School Owners, School Principals from different educational institutions across Southern India. Eminent speakers from the Education Industry enriched the leaders on the emphatic theme- ‘Emerging Future. Trends in Education’. THE JURY MEMBERS OF CED AWARD COUNCIL ALSO SELECTED DMCS – BANASWADI FOR ‘ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE INNOVATION AWARD’ FOR THE YEAR 2021.

  • DMCS Banaswadi presented a splendid Virtual Exhibition- INNOVATE 2021 on 30th November, 2021. The awe-inspiring exhibition was organised for DMCS students from Kindergarten to Grade XII. Students were cordially invited to submit their innovative projects and working models, duly applicable to their respective segments. Virtual Exhibition- INNOVATE 2021 was a gigantic success. Its impact and imprint on student’s intellectual abilities will be long lasting in many conceivable ways.

  • DMCS Banaswadi- virtual celebration for Christmas (25th December 2021) was euphoric. Kindergarten Students made the Christmas Celebrations indeed splendid! Ramp Walk, Fashion Show, Snowman, Christmas Carol Songs, dance performances, Christmas Cake-Making were the highlights of the celebrations.

  • The Virtual Talents Day at DMCS Banaswadi - Talent Quest (5th January 2022) was another feather added to the DMCS Cap. The Mega Event was spread across various categories which gave enough choices for students to showcase their respective talent. Instrumental Music ( Western and Classical), Poem Recitation, Mimicry, Fashion Show, Mime Show, Storytelling, Theme based skits, Taekwondo show, Classical dance & Indian Dance forms, Secular Dance, Photography, Seminars, Presentations, Sand Art Painting, Yoga and Puppet show were the awe-inspiring set of events which saw the students perform in their full glory and merit.

  • DMCS Banaswadi conducted the Virtual Republic Day Celebrations, on 26th of January 2022.. The students performed various cultural events during the virtual ceremony which was well received and applauded.

  • The highly acclaimed Graduation Day for the outgoing students of Grade X, XII - DMCS Banaswadi was held on 5th March, 2022. Alumni of the school, Mr. Joby Joseph- a successful Commercial Pilot with Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. and Saurav Adithya, a student at R V College of Engineering spoke of their glorious school days at DMCS in a virtual presentation. Dr. Joseph V. G. – Honorary Consul General for the Republic of Maldives in Bangalore and Chancellor, Garden City University, presented the Graduating Mementos to the beloved students.

  • The UKG Graduation Day for DMCS Banaswadi was held on 5th March 2022 through the virtual platform. The charming little graduates dressed in their Graduation attire participated in their first landmark ceremony with great joy and excitement. them. Dr. Challamuthu - a profound Educational Consultant for Online Learning Apps, was the Chief Guest for the illustrious occasion. He wished the young tiny tots good luck in their future years of contemporary education.


  • The DMCS Banaswadi Campus has been sanitised at regular intervals. Wearing of masks, temperature checks, social distancing are being strictly followed in the school campus.
  • DMCS Banaswadi attained 100 percent pass results for Grade X and XII DMCS students for the batch 2021-22.
  • A number of Skill Based Competitions and Initiatives have been massively appreciated by the parent as well the student community. CCA competitions were on an all-time high witnessing staggering participation from students.
  • The Digital Classes have been seamless and continuous in nature. The teaching as well as the student community have showed impressive results in terms of disseminating and receiving education respectively. The guidelines given by the State Government and the CBSE Board have been strictly followed by the school.
  • Pre- Board Examinations were conducted for Grades X & XII as per the guidelines given by the Education Department of the State Govt. and CBSE.
  • DMCS Banaswadi also conducted timely online remedial classes to help slow learners and impart effortless learning.
  • PTM & telephonic PTM were conducted throughout the academic session. The parents have been participating actively and all queries have been carefully resolved.
  • Virtual Meetings with Parents belonging to the Kindergarten segment was carried out on a monthly basis with rewarding results.
  • DMCS Banaswadi conducted online theme based Morning Assemblies. DMCS has always believed in the concept of sports regimen, physical fitness and holistic development. The aforesaid classes have also been carried out in their full capacity.
  • DMCS PTA activities have been in full swing around the year, on the digital platform. The members have met frequently online and brainstormed over a variety of grievances/issues/concerns/ideas/suggestions. The PTA has been instrumental in oiling the functioning of the school machinery and has contributed with useful, regular inputs.
  • The Classroom Education for Grades IX to XII was administered full-fledged in its merit and capacity. Rigorous time tables were chalked out which were diligently implemented for the student community.
  • DMCS took the moral responsibility of encouraging the Inoculation drive (12 yrs. – 18 yrs.) by tying up with Primary Health Centre. A vaccination drive was carried out within the school campus after getting consent from the student's parents. All the rigorous arrangements were made by the School Authorities and the whole initiative was a great success.